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Eastern Highlands Simbu Mission is one of the largest local missions of the Seventh-Day Adventist Church in Papua New Guinea. The mission spans to two provinces, Simbu and Eastern Highlands with a total of 17 Districts.

Eastern Highlands Simbu Mission consists of 41699 (and is growing as you read) church members worship in 209 Organize Churches and 687 Company Churches. Our mission also has 99 Pastors and Ministers of which, 94 are male and 5 are female. 90% of the workforce in the mission field are semi-educated, which means they have passed out from Omaura Bible School and only 10% have graduated from PAU and Sonoma. Eastern Highlands Simbu Mission also has 77 VIA (Volunteer In Action) and 112 Self or Privately Sponsored serving lay missionaries in some local churches in the remote parts of the two provinces.

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