Family Ministries

Seventh-day Adventists recognize families are the building blocks of community, the church and society. We believe God created families to nurture warm, meaningful and loving relationships. In families children develop beliefs, values, attitudes which translate into behavioural patterns that shape their future the future of their community. The greatest investment parents make is not in their mortgage but in their children. 

It seeks to support individuals, couples and families through Adventist Counselling Services established to offer positive help to anyone in need of professional help.

The Domestic Violence Taskforce has also been setup to make a stand domestic violence and abuse and to educate and equip church leaders.

Specific areas of focus include:

  • Relationships
    • improving communication skills
    • learning to resolve conflict
    • deepening emotional connectedness
    • couples who sense they are 'trapped' and do not know what to do
    • uncommunicative and dysfunctional families
    • understanding different temperaments
    • crisis management
  • Pre-marriage education and counselling
    • learning communication and conflict resolution skills
    • understanding family impact
    • understanding difference
    • goal setting
    • developing emotional connectedness
  • Career guidance
    • testing
    • discovering strengths and competency levels
    • helping establish direction
  • Adolescents and teens
    • creating self-esteem
    • coping with depression
    • handling anger
    • controlling behaviour
  • Grief and loss
    • learning to cope with life’s transitions
    • understanding the cycle or stages of grief
    • embracing coping skills for recovery
  • School counselling
    • a team of counsellors provides help for both primary and secondary students and where necessary their parents
  • Mediation
    • another perspective and help when their are disputes


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