Malachi Yani - Director

Personal Ministries

Our vision for Personal Ministries is to empower church members to become willing disciples for Jesus Christ.

Personal Ministries is about mobilising and motivating church members to meet the spiritual, emotional, social and physical needs of the unchurched in the community.

The Bible talks about every member being a minister. That doesn't mean we all have to become evangelists. It means using our gifts to serve God within the context of a local church ministry.

Sabbath School is...

...a time set aside on Saturday morning for all ages to -
  • be together and learn about our Saviour Jesus Christ;
  • study the Bible;
  • get to know each other, the community and the world around us.

Characteristics of a vibrant Sabbath School include:

  1. Prayingfor each other every day, not just when your group meets.
  2. Making each other feel welcomeand at home, greeting them warmly and using their first names.
  3. Making contact with each other at least once a week by either visiting or calling each other.

World Mission Projects
World mission is another important part of the Sabbath School time, it is about fulfilling the gospel commission to "go and make disciples of all nations." (Matt 28:19)
The world mission time is an opportunity to focus on other parts of the world, learn about the diverse peoples and cultures in far away places. In so doing, we develop an appreciation for something that is not focussed on self, but rather on the needs of others. The opportunity to make a donation or "offering" that will go towards fulfilling the gospel commission is provided during the Sabbath School time.
Latest Updates

Eastern Highlands Simbu mission was a happy recipient of NZ$6, 370 equivalent of PGK10, 527.65 from the Levin Church in North New Zealand. Jenny Lowe facilitated for this with the officers here at the EHSM head Quarters.  With this money a total of 392 bibles (220 NIV and 170 PNG Tok Pisin) were bought and distributed right throughout the interiors of this big mission.

While we cannot afford to put bible in every church member’s hands, it is important that we put bibles in the hands of those who are leading out so that they can study and share the Word of God with their parishioners. “Out there in the remote hamlets, even church leaders do not have good bibles from which to share from. This initiative has definitely eased the situation and if anyone wants to help, please feel free to do so” said Pr. Livai Maima from Lufa District. He said what Jenny and the Levin church did was simply meet the essential needs of our membership that should reap much for eternity.

We take this time off to thank the Levin Church in North New Zealand and especially Jenny Lowe for facilitating this huge essential donation. This is the best gift you can place in one’s hand and may the good Lord bless you all for your part.

From the team in EHSM- PNG







Sabbath Time


Place: Goroka, EHP

Start: 08:49 AM, 10/02/2020

End: 08:47 AM, 10/03/2020

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